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Hilary was looking forward to finishing up her master’s degree in counseling and working in the field of addiction treatment. She wanted to help others. She also talked about being a mom one day. Tragically, in 2017, the very disease she wanted to help others overcome, stole her life at age 27. Addiction took this beloved, vibrant, smart, caring young person.

Although she lost her battle with addiction, her impassioned parents, Dr. Thomas and Sandra White started The Hilary Grace Foundation to continue Hilary’s legacy and assist other families and loved ones who are in need of treatment and support. The foundation has partnered with Horizon Village to spearhead an important project to honor Hilary and help the countless other “Hilary’s” who are still fighting. Mental health and addiction continues to plague our community.

Recovery is possible and experienced every day at the Horizon Village campus in Sanborn, NY. Horizon Village provides the intensive treatment that is often needed to begin recovery and has served our community since 1994.

We know part of the recovery journey is building back family ties which are often compromised in a family with addiction. We are embarking on a construction project to build a state-of-the art retreat center to offer a venue for families to come together when their loved one is in treatment. This new center will proudly carry the name of Hilary’s House and serve as a space for residents on the campus to connect with their treatment team and families in an inviting, warm and healing atmosphere.

We are asking for your support for this important new addition to the Horizon Campus. Your generosity – no matter the size – will play a significant role in allowing our vision of Hilary’s House come to life. We thank you for your consideration of supporting our mission and making a difference in our WNY community.

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