Recovery Begins Here.

Horizon offers comprehensive, person-centered care for the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders.

Patients and their families collaboratively embark on a journey towards change and wellness. We believe that this journey will be life-long – with patients and their families having involvement of a greater or lesser intensity depending on their identified wants and needs. Discover more about our services below.

Mental Health and Substance Use Services:


Outpatient services focus on the development of a collaboration between the clinician, the patient, and family members and others who support the recovery process. Through this collaboration, an assessment of patients’ needs is determined. Often recommended treatment is at the outpatient level of care and includes individual therapy, group therapy, medication assisted treatment, psychiatric evaluation and monitoring, recovery coaching and family therapy. Find out more about outpatient services


For some patients, outpatient care is insufficient to treat their substance use disorder. Patients struggling to stop using alcohol, opiates and other substances may be referred to 24-hour care at our adult detox facility at Terrace House in Buffalo. The goal of the detox medical and clinical staff is to stabilize patients’ withdrawal symptoms while helping them and their families develop an aftercare plan to sustain this change. Find out more about detox services

Crisis Stabilization

Terrace House also provides crisis stabilization services where patients no longer at risk of acute withdrawal further stabilize medically and emotionally in a safe residential setting. Crisis stabilization stays range typically from 7-28 days, and provide an opportunity for patients to continue to receive medical and psychiatric care, individual therapy, group therapy, medication management, and family education. Upon completion of crisis stabilization, patients progress to rehabilitation care at one of our residential treatment facilities in Sanborn, NY. Find out more

Rehabilitation—Residential Treatment at the Horizon Village Sanborn Campus

Residential rehab is available at the Horizon Village campus in Sanborn, New York. The campus maintains 100 residential beds for men and women over the age of 18, including specialized programming for men, women, young adults and Veterans. Where Terrace House focuses on establishing safety and stabilization, the Horizon Village campus programs focuses on assisting patients and their families with social, physical and emotional changes to support continued progress. Patients participate in intensive programming in the form of individual, group and family therapy. Families are an important part of the rehabilitative stay and participate in their own weekly programming as well as working to establish healthy relationships with their loved one.

Horizon Health Services’ Sanborn Counseling Center is co-located on the campus and provides mental health counseling to patients as needed. Medical care is provided by Horizon medical professionals located on- site. The Wellness Center boasts a full court gym and exercise equipment and classes to assist patients in achieving improved health and wellness. During rehabilitation, patients also participate in 12-step and other self-help groups in order to interact with persons who are successfully managing recovery.

Patients completing rehabilitation services progress to residential services designed to assist their reintegration in to the community upon discharge. While continuing to receive rehabilitation services, these patients link with outpatient treatment services to ensure a smooth transition to continuing care after discharge. In order to support this transition, patients work with vocational specialists and recovery coaches who continue to work with them after their residential discharge. Find out more about Horizon Village and residential treatment

Continuing Care & Support Services:

Horizon provides ongoing care for individuals following treatment to prevent relapse and serve as a support system for the individual, family and loved ones.

We make sure that all individuals and families are supported after residential treatment, detox or outpatient therapy. We offer job skills and vocational services, home health care, and other case management services.

What Types of Services Are Right for You?

Our knowledgeable staff will discuss your options and then connect you with the appropriate services. For admissions and questions, please call us today at (716) 831-1800.


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