Delta Village

Residential Treatment for Young Adults.

This 25-bed facility opened in September 2016, and focuses on the growing need for residential rehab for young adults in our community. Delta Village aims to offer patients and their families the opportunity to learn about the disease of addiction, develop and practice the coping skills needed to be successful in life, work on repairing and developing healthy relationships, and help individuals regain control of their life without relying on substances.

Informational Download:

Horizon Village Campus Residential Application and Release 2020

For Current Patients:

Family programs are available on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s at the Wellness Center. The Family Program at the Village Campus addresses the needs of family and loved ones who have been affected by the substance use of one another, and is viewed as an essential part of treatment and recovery.

Tuesday Schedule

  • Families can arrive as early as 5:30PM
  • Family education group starts at 5:45PM to 6:45PM
  • Family visitation is from 6:45PM to 7:30PM
  • All visitors must be added to a visitation list prior to visitation by the patient
  • Photo ID’s are required to present for entry
  • Purses, bags and belongings must be left in the vehicle
  • Outside food and drink are not permitted

Check in and visitation is held in the Wellness Center only.

The Family Program addresses
the following goals:

  • Increase motivation for recovery
  • Stress the importance of recovery
    for the entire family system
  • Investigate family patterns that work
    against recovery
  • Prepare the family for expectations
    of early recovery
  • Encourage family members’ long-term
    support for their loved ones
  • Equip family and friends with ways
    to provide support

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For more information, please call our Patient Care Specialists at (716) 831-1800