Children’s Services

What treatment services does Horizon provide for children?

Horizon provides substance use and mental health counseling for adolescents (13+) and mental health counseling for children ages 3 and up. Treatment is designed to address each child/adolescent’s individual needs, and includes:

  • Individual, parent and family counseling
  • Play therapy and evidence-based therapies for trauma
  • Medication prescription and management
  • Coordination with schools, pediatricians and other key persons/agencies
  • Same day & telehealth appointment availability

What kinds of emotional and behavioral problems does Horizon treat?

  • Anxiety symptoms
  • Depression symptoms
  • Mood disorders
  • Trauma symptoms
  • Substance abuse
  • Behavioral problems
  • Peer relationship problems
  • Family dysfunction (family issues)
  • School adjustment problems

We do not treat Autism Spectrum Disorder or other developmental disability disorders and Primary Eating Disorders.

What does treatment at Horizon usually include?

Treatment is different for each child/adolescent depending on their needs, but often includes:

  • Ongoing diagnostic assessment and treatment plan development
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Family sessions
  • Medication management
  • Creative therapeutic techniques, such as art therapy, with a licensed creative arts therapist and bibliotherapy
  • Trauma informed therapy, including EMDR

How does Horizon involve parents/guardians in their children’s treatment?

We believe that parent/legal guardian participation is key to treatment success. This participation includes:

  • Participation in identifying the problems to be addressed and in the development of the treatment plan
  • Participation in family sessions
  • Ensuring their child’s timely attendance of appointments
  • Encouraging their child’s treatment participation
  • Supporting their child’s efforts to effect change

How can I get more information or schedule an appointment?

To schedule an initial appointment, please call our admissions team: 716.831.1800