Detox & Stabilization

Horizon Offers an Alternative to Hospitalization for Stabilization and Drug Withdrawal Management.

When you or someone you love is ready to stop abusing substances, the symptoms of withdrawal can be overwhelming and oftentimes may lead to relapse because sickness can be severe and uncomfortable.

Horizon Village Terrace House offers you a safe place for medically supervised withdrawal from substances such as opiates, alcohol and/or benzodiazepines.

At Horizon Village Terrace House We Offer:

  • Detox & Withdrawal Management Services – This program offers medically supervised withdrawal protocols, screening for substance use disorders and discharge planning to help you stay the course of sobriety and prevent relapse. Find out more
  • Stabilization Services – Length of stay is based on patients ability to stabilize and reach their clinical milestones. Most patients after the completion of the detoxification protocol will transition in to stabilization services.  The admittance to this program depends on your individual needs. Find out more

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For more information or to set up an appointment, please call 716-831-1800 

Our Patient Engagement Specialists are available to assist you with linking your patient with the appropriate services and care.

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