Horizon Health Services Presents: A Virtual Speakers Bureau

Education and awareness play a vital role in what Horizon does and we are looking forward to working with you and providing the necessary presentations and resources to those in our community. Across every industry, field and background, employers, schools and our community as a whole have an incredible opportunity to enhance the quality of life of employees, community members and their families and loved ones by educating around mental health and addiction.

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Surviving the Moment: Normalizing Our Feelings & Mindful Methods – April 22, 2021

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April 22nd 2021
Patrick Greene
Free of charge

    • Understanding the struggles and why it’s normal
    • Maintaining wellness during the pandemic
    • Resources and information to help assist you with increased stressors
    • Identifying when it is appropriate to seek additional support and therapy


Caregiving Solutions & Resources – May 3, 2021

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Monday May 3rd 2021
Emma Montague
Free of Charge

    • Caregivers: how to deal with stress and balance
    • Coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety that comes along with caregiving
    • Supporting children and family
    • How to handle big life changes (sick parent, getting pregnant, raising other kids, caregiving)



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We can customize any of these discussions to fit the time provided to us.

Mental Health Awareness Topics

  • Understanding Depression & Anxiety
  • Postpartum Depression & Anxiety
    (could be a separate presentation)
  • PTSD & Trauma
  • Mindfulness as a Healing Model for Mental Health
  • Anger Management
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Well-Being In The Time of COVID
  • Working with Veterans to Overcome Mental Health and Addiction
  • Practical Applications of Therapy
    Focused for those who are dealing with life’s ups and downs, stressful work environment but seldom ask for help or think about therapy. Seeking help is okay and there are a number of levels of treatment and resources available depending on what the need is.
  • Suicide Prevention
    • Discussion of signs and symptoms to look for in addition to assisting employees in conversations following those who may have been impacted by suicide.
    • Grief & Loss

Addiction Awareness Topics

    • Understanding Substance Use
      (Alcohol and Opiates: signs and symptoms)
    • The Stigma of Treatment
    • Family Education and Involvement:
      How to support your loved one, connecting with resources and continued education
    • Treatment:
      What does that look like?


Topics would be a presentation on the understanding and explanation of each, in addition to the available resources and take-a-ways