Our Teams

Horizon Staff in Lobby

Horizon is composed of three affiliated not-for-profits, including Horizon Health Services (HHS), Horizon Village (HV), and Horizon Health Alliance (HHA).

HHS consists of our mental health and substance use outpatient counseling and support services, Horizon Therapy Associates, Peer Advocates, Care Coordination team, and more! HHS has locations throughout Erie, Niagara, and Genesee counties.

HV operates our detox and stabilization services at Terrace House in downtown Buffalo and our residential rehabilitation programming at our Horizon Village Campus in Sanborn, NY. All programs focus on helping those struggling with a severe substance use disorder.

Last but not least, Horizon Health Alliance refers to our headquarters, located at 55 Dodge Road in Getzville, NY. It’s home to our corporate management and administrative teams, such as Employee Services (HR), Marketing, Finance, IT, Business Intelligence, Billing, and Senior Management. Our administrative teams work very closely with all teams across the entire company and provide continuous support to ensure business operations are running smoothly.

Learn more about some of our compassionate and dedicated team members and join our team.

HHS Care Coordination

The Care Coordination team is based out of our 1000 Young Street location. Although this site is their “hub,” the team primarily provides services in the community, completes home visits, offers transitional care for members coming out of the hospital, assists with benefit enrollment, establishes reliable transportation, locates housing, and does so much more to ensure their members’ needs are met. The team includes our Care Coordinators, who have the ability to grow and advance into Senior Care Coordinator and Advanced Care Coordinator positions, our Community Outreach Specialists, who support the team by ensuring we are enrolling new members, and our Administrative and Training Specialists, who provide additional support to ensure the Care Coordinators are successful. This team is driven, hard-working, and committed to helping their members succeed in improving their quality of life.

HHS Outpatient Clinical Staff

Our Clinical Outpatient teams work both remotely and on-site at all Horizon outpatient facilities. This is one of the many teams that truly makes an impact on our WNY Community! We are currently integrating all of our sites to maximize flexibility in appointments for patients seeking our services. This team includes our Behavioral Health Clinicians, Clinical Supervisors, Program Directors, and Directors of Outpatient Operations. On a typical day, our Outpatient Teams are conducting patient assessments and developing treatment plans that identify patient needs and strengths, as well as providing individual and group therapy. We take pride in maintaining patient records that are consistent with regulatory requirements and quality assurance standards. There is always room for growth. Many of our staff begin their career as a Counselor and work their way up the ranks to a Senior Counselor, Senior Counselor II, and then to our Advanced Practice Clinician role! These teams are highly skilled in various clinical modalities and are able to adapt to the ever-changing field of Behavioral Health. Clinicians are the backbone of our mission… Together for Recovery. Changing Lives. Saving Lives.

HHS Outpatient Administrative Team

Our Outpatient Administrative teams work on-site at all Horizon clinics. They are the face of the company! This includes all of our Administrative Assistants, Clinical Care Specialists, and Practice Managers. On a typical day, our Administrative Teams are hard at work greeting and directing patients, collecting payments, scheduling appointments, answering/directing calls, and supporting clinical staff as needed. These teams are highly organized, diligent, and willing to adapt to the ever-changing world of Behavioral Health. On average, there are about two to three Administrative Assistants, one to two Clinical Care Specialists, and one Practice Manager at each of our 12 Outpatient Clinics, depending on the size of the location. They are the welcoming smile and the helping hand in our vital day-to-day operations.

HV Residential Counselors

Our Residential Clinician teams work on-site at all Horizon residential facilities. You can find our Clinical Residential Staff at either our Detox and Stabilization Clinic, Terrace House, or at one of the long-term residential facilities at our Horizon Village campuses. This team includes our Residential Behavioral Health Clinicians, Clinical Case Managers, Program Directors, Clinical Supervisors, and our Director of Terrace House. These teams are very close-knit and create a community atmosphere that everyone wants to be a part of. On a typical day, our Clinical Residential Teams are conducting patient assessments and developing treatment plans that identify their patients’ needs and strengths, providing individual and group therapy, and conducting patient screenings to determine eligibility for referral and linkage to our care coordination or vocational services. We are so thankful to have such a hardworking team helping our patients get started on their journey to recovery.

HV Nursing Teams

Located at both at our Horizon Village Campus in Sanborn, NY and our Detox & Inpatient facility in downtown Buffalo, our Registered Nurses are responsible for administering medications, providing medical assessments, and assisting our patients with overall education regarding preventative health and wellness. Our nurses continually promote optimal health among our residential, detox, and inpatient communities. Horizon supports a unique nursing experience by incorporating a medical, behavioral, psychological, and holistic approach to patient care. Our nurses are committed to patient care and provide a safe and comfortable rehabilitation environment.

HV Behavioral Health Assistants

Our Behavioral Health Assistants are located at our detox and inpatient facility in downtown Buffalo, and throughout all four state-of-the-art facilities at our Horizon Village Campus in Sanborn, NY. Behavioral Health Assistants are the first team members to greet and welcome individuals into our residential facilities. They are devoted to providing the best experience for our patients by completing patient admissions, performing room searches, administering toxicology screenings, and executing hourly building rounds to ensure our patients are safe. This team exhibits a strong sense of understanding and compassion, using a patient-centered approach to provide a best-in-class experience in completing our substance use rehabilitation programs.