Mission Statement


Together for Recovery. Changing Lives. Saving Lives.


We envision a future where all individuals who need and want help can easily access Horizon’s effective health and recovery services. Using emerging technologies and best practices, we will provide innovative services beyond the boundaries of WNY. In this future, Horizon is widely recognized as a great employer, having the highest quality staff and providing state of the art effective services.

Our Goals Include:

  • Increasing access to treatment and support for individuals and their families as they strive to recover from substance use and mental health disorders.
  • Helping those in recovery and their families to make choices that improve quality of life and achieve personal goals.
  • Working with the larger medical community to provide coordinated and integrated treatment and recovery services.
  • Having the best trained staff by requiring continuing education of all personnel in innovative and evidence-based practices, leadership, supervision, and customer service.
  • Treating our staff, clients, and their families with respect and dignity.