Support Services

We Are Here for You.

Horizon provides an array of support services to individuals based on their unique treatment, rehabilitation and daily living needs.

Career Opportunity Center:
Build a Career. Regain Your Independence.

The Career Opportunity Centers provide comprehensive vocational abilities and interest testing, hands-on assessment, job preparation, skills training, job placement, and post-employment support services to Horizon clients and others referred from other chemical dependency and mental health providers. Consumers are placed in meaningful and permanent competitive employment settings paying livable wages. The Center is a certified provider for NYS Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR), formerly Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID).

699 Hertel Avenue, Suite 330
Buffalo, N.Y. 14207
Program Manager: Danielle Schmidle
Phone: (716) 836-3247
Fax: (716) 833-4420

Care Coordination Program in Erie & Niagara County

Working Together for a Healthier YOU!

Horizon is a subcontractor to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center Health Home and has been designated as a Health Home by the NYS Department of Health.

The primary responsibility of the Care Coordination Program is to work with enrolled members to manage their complex and chronic health care needs. Care Coordination provides outreach, engagement and care management services to eligible members enrolled in New York’s Medicaid program.

This program will ensure that a comprehensive health-based needs assessment will be completed to determine the member’s physical, behavioral health and social needs. Using this tool, a Plan of Care (POC) will be developed with the member which will include input from the member, family members and other medical and behavioral health providers.

Our team oversees the implementation of the POC by providing;

  • Coordination, collaboration and continuity with all community providers
  • Comprehensive transitional care for discharges from medical and behavioral health inpatient
  • Member and family education to increase understanding and encouragement of the member assuming an active role in self-management of their health.
  • Encouragement to provide primary and preventative care to avoid emergency room visits/hospital stays.

Our Care Coordination team is an integral member of the multidisciplinary team that is designed to meet the goals of the member.

Horizon Health Services Care Coordination program also provides Health and Recovery Plan (HARP) services. We work closely with your Managed Care Plan to link you with Home and Community Based (HCB) Services. These are enhanced services available to you through your Managed Care Plan if you meet qualifications.

Director of Horizon Care Coordination Services: Nicole Tobey

Erie County Program

3020 Bailey Ave
Buffalo, NY  14215
Program Director: Katie Behrens
Phone: (716) 508-7700

Niagara County Program

1750 Pine Avenue
Niagara Falls, NY 14301
Program Director: Allison Nassoiy
Phone: (716) 285-0637
Fax: (716) 285-0638

Case Management

Mental Health Comprehensive Case Management Program

Horizon’s Mental Health Comprehensive Case Management Program, is designed to serve persons residing in Niagara County who have serious mental health disorders and significant impairment in their ability to function independently, appropriately and effectively in the community. Recipients receive personal and proactive intervention to help them obtain and maintain services to permit or enhance their functioning. Intensive Case Management is available 24 hours/day to persons requiring it. Supportive Case Management services are available to individuals who require less intensive support. Funds are also available to assist recipients in addressing daily living needs. A Single Point of Access (SPOA) referral is needed to participate in this program.

Transitional Case Management Services

Transitional Case Management Services for the City of Buffalo Mental Health Court and Erie County Department of Probation. Case managers and a peer counselor assist and advocate for persons with mental illness adjudicated by the court and the Probation Department to ensure their access to treatment and rehabilitation services, government entitlements and daily living needs. Available through:

  • City Court Building, 50 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14202, Phone: (716) 609-1199
  • Erie County Probation, 1 Niagara Plaza, Buffalo, NY 14202, Phone: (716) 583-6153

Psychiatric Diversion Team

Psychiatric Diversion Team. This mobile team works with individuals who have been arrested and links them to community resources to divert them from of all parts of the criminal justice system. Available through:

  • 3020 Bailey Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14215, Phone: (716) 609-1199

On-Site Criminal Justice Services. Horizon provides on-site services at the offices of the Erie County Probation Department to effect treatment and rehabilitation linkage and follow-up for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness who are on probation. Available through:

  • Erie County Probation Department, One Niagara Plaza, Buffalo, NY 14202, Phone: (716) 583-6153
For questions and more information on these support services,
please call (716) 831-1800.