Horizon Village

Residential Treatment for Adults.

Horizon Village provides opportunities for individuals to experience recovery while living in a unique, safe, therapeutic residential setting. The beautiful 50-bed facility in Sanborn, NY is designed with our residents’ comfort and safety in mind.

For more information, please call our Patient Care Specialists at (716) 831-1800

Informational Downloads:

For Current Residents:

Family programs are available on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s at the Wellness Center.

Tuesday Schedule

  • Families can arrive as early as 5:45pm
  • Family Education Group: 6pm-6:50pm
  • Family Visiting: 7pm-7:50pm
  • Conference Call: 6pm-6:50pm
  • Table Talk: 7pm-7:50pm
  • Family Sessions from 7pm-7:50pm

Saturday Schedule

  • Family can arrive as early as 9:45am
  • Family Education Group: 10am
  • Family Visiting: 10:45am-11:30am
  • Table Talk: 10am-11am
  • Family Sessions from 10am-11am

Check in and visitation is held in the Wellness Center only. All drop offs can only happen during family visitation hours.

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