Mental Health &

Mental Health Disorders Do Not Discriminate.

Millions of Americans are affected by mental health conditions each year. Treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar and other mental health disorders is available at Horizon. Mental health disorders are treatable, recovery is possible, and help is always available.

Mental health treatment tends to consist of:

Psychiatric Services

Doctors and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners are on staff to assist clients by evaluating and, as needed, providing medication assisted treatment for a variety of psychiatric disorders.

Co-Occurring Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Among the 20.2 million adults in the U.S. who experience a substance use disorder, 50.5%—10.2 million adults—had a co-occurring mental illness (2015, SAMHSA). We recognize that these disorders sometimes go hand-in-hand, and we are here to help you with recovery.

If you or a loved one is having a difficult time dealing with everyday demands, feelings and moods, talk with one our Patient Support Specialists today.
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