Continuing Care

Care Continues after Treatment.

Horizon provides ongoing support and care for individuals, families and loved ones during treatment, and following the completion of treatment, to support their ongoing recovery including:

Relapse Prevention

As with other chronic conditions, substance use disorders are most successfully managed when services, supports, and skills are in place to assist in maintaining healthy lifestyle changes. The relapse prevention components of treatment focus on individuals’ developing and sustaining the key skills, behaviors, and environmental changes necessary to support ongoing recovery.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Addiction medications such as buprenorphine, suboxone and vivitrol are available to assist individuals in their recovery. Such medications can help individuals in working toward their treatment goals by blocking the effects of a substance and/or reducing cravings for continued use. At Horizon, we have medical providers available to those enrolled in treatment services to prescribe medications to support a substance free lifestyle.

Recovery Coach

Recovery Coaching (RC) is a form of strength-based support for persons in or seeking recovery. Similar to life and business coaching, it is a type of partnership where the person working on their recovery self directs their recovery with the support of the Coach. Recovery Coaches help patients to honor their values and make principle-based decisions, thereby creating a clear plan of action and using their strengths to achieve future goals. The Coach serves as an accountability partner to help the person sustain their recovery, and to access the resources they need such as benefits, health care, vocational/educational opportunities, etc.


myStrength, Inc. is an online behavioral health “app” providing patients innovative and evidence-based recovery support resources. myStrength supports the treatment of many mental illnesses and substance use disorders, and overall wellness. With counselor and recovery coach support, patients access a range of personalized, mood-improving web and mobile resources with interactive tools, including step-by-step eLearning modules for managing depression, anxiety, stress, substance use disorders and chronic pain.

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